Welcome to my webpage! I wanted a place to feature my art portfolio. I hope you enjoy!


What inspires me is my surroundings, people I cross paths with, media and technology.  I enjoy reading, watching movies, exploring around town to check out places, going to events and trying new things. I value spending time with my friends and family a lot. I look forward to travel and immersing myself in a different culture and environment around the world. I always appreciate good cuisine. I really enjoy all kinds of music.


Art brought me joy at a young age. As I grew up,  I continued to develop my artistic skills in school. I had work experience in the commercial graphic industry. After first year of university, I decided that I missed art and enrolled myself into animation school. I started on contract in Electronic Arts in their Art Department and then I was hired full time in the Fusion department where  we got to see our ideas come to life. Later down the road, I became associated with the program at the Art Studios, recovery in arts as therapy. Having rekindled with fine arts, I re enrolled part time into UBC and took credits toward a fine arts degree. I also became a teacher’s assistant at the Art Studios for the watercolour class and then eventually became an art teacher there. Currently I am hired as the program secretary at the Art Studios through Vancouver Coastal Health. I absolutely enjoy my job and am well suited for it.


I have sold art at Art Studios Winter Sale. I open to be commissioned to do an artwork. I’ve hosted painting parties. I want to continually create more art and share it with people. Push my capabilities further. My dream is to have my own studio one day, where people come to learn and do art. I create art about all different subjects as well as techniques in many mediums. Art is my passion and creativity is my outlet.


Please check out my resume at LinkedIn, colleensooart page at Facebook and colleensooart at Instagram in the icon links below!